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Blackhead Extractor Tool Curved Tweezer Facial Remover Stainless Steel Pimple

Blackhead Extractor Tool Curved Tweezer Facial Remover Stainless Steel Pimple

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- A blackhead is a plug on the skin pore which consists of your skin’s natural lubricant (sebum) that is mix of skin oil, dirt, dust and pollution stuck in your pores.

- Benefits: Specially crafted design gives you the flexibility to reach the difficult corners of the body and ensure you can extract the pesky blackheads more evenly around the facial area.

- More economical, since they have repeat value and can be used over and over again compared to Pore Strips.

- Preferred as a home-based solution to remove blackheads constantly and swiftly.


- Wash your hands with some soap and water.

- Disinfect the tool by allowing it to submerge in some disinfectant.

- Disinfect the skin to ensure you don’t contract any bacterial infection.

- Start off by washing your face with warm water or a washcloth soaked in warm water; this would help the skin pores to be open to the fullest.

- Place the Blackhead Extractor tool's loop over a blackhead or whitehead.

- Press gently above the blackhead, this would ensure that the accumulation gets completely drained.

- You could even consider pushing the tool down on a blackhead to make sure the follicle contents are extracted.

- Disinfect you face and the tool after the procedure is completed. This would ensure you don’t catch the infection on repeat usage of the tool.

- Finish the treatment by rinsing your face with cool water and washing your hands with some soap and water.

- Finally, when the procedure is completed, apply some pore care essence or acne care product; this would look after the affected area.



Good quality stainless steel. 

Angled loops; would give you the flexibility of hard to reach areas.

The product should also be easy to clean and use. 

Remember a dual looped product with different sizes of loops at each end ensures better results.

Sizes: 8.7cm, 11.5cm


Package Contents

1 x Blackhead Extractor




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