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USB 3.0 to VGA Converter Multi-display Graphic Adapter Cable 1920 x 1080 HD 2.0

USB 3.0 to VGA Converter Multi-display Graphic Adapter Cable 1920 x 1080 HD 2.0

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- The USB3.0-VGA Display Adapter enables you to connect additional display devices (CRT/LCD monitor, projector) to your desktop or notebook PC. 

- The connected monitor can be configured to either clone your primary screen, or extend the Windows desktop allowing visibility of more applications at the same time. 

- The USB 3.0 Graphic Adapter driver used to control the extra screen uses very little computer resource and offers a vast array of screen resolutions and colour depths.

- The flexibility of the common USB 3.0 technology avoids the need to open the computer or struggling with compatibility issues related to the VGA card

- This ensures that there is little difference in performance between a directly connected screen and a screen connected through the USB 3.0 graphic adapter.



- USB 3.0 multi-display super speed.

- Compatible with USB2.0

- Primary

- Extended

- Mirror

- Display rotation.

- Identify monitor.

- Multi-Display.

- Control panel.

- Resolution up to: UXGA: 1600X1200 / WSXGA+:1680X1050, 1920X1080.

 System Requirements:

Available USB3.0/2.0 hi-speed port.

Windows Vista/ 7/8.

CPU: Intel/AMD single core 1.5GHZ or higher processor.

RAM: 512MB memory or higher.

Application: Office workstation, wall street, editing workstation, graphics workstation, entertainment.

 NOTE: Please allow some colour discrepancy due to image seen on different computers/phones.


Package Contents

1 x USB3.0-VGA Display Adapter

1 x Driver/Manual CD




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