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The World of UGEARS Puzzles

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UGEARS Puzzles, established in 2014, is a Ukrainian start-up that has garnered international acclaim for its unique wooden mechanical models, puzzle boxes, and educational toys. Explore our wide selection of UGEARS models, known for their elegance, intricate designs, and captivating mechanics. From simple builds to advanced masterpieces, there's something for everyone.

What is Special About UGEARS Puzzles?

Each UGEARS model encapsulates straightforward engineering principles that transform assembly and play into an engaging and educational experience, promising hours of delight and amusement. With a diverse selection of over 90 models, there's a perfect gift waiting for both individuals and their loved ones. The product line encompasses educational STEM lab kits, designed to encourage and nurture students' mechanical competence, as well as fidget devices and charming toys and crafts for children, featuring uncomplicated designs for easy assembly.

UGEARS model kits come complete with everything you need for assembly. All parts are laser pre-cut into high-quality plywood boards, ensuring easy removal and assembly. The motion in these models is brought to life through rubber bands, gears, and gravity, showcasing the brilliance of mechanical engineering. Colourful diagrams and step-by-step instructions are provided in 11 languages, making the assembly process a joy. The best part? No glue, specialised expertise, tools, or equipment are required, making UGEARS accessible to all ages.

A Gift for All Ages

UGEARS models are not just captivating works of art; they offer a unique educational experience. They provide insight into the workings of simple machines, allowing you to explore every cog, gear, and lever firsthand. These creations are not just for enthusiasts; they make wonderful gifts for all ages, from children to adults. With varying levels of complexity to choose from, you can embark on a journey of mechanical exploration and discovery.

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