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【Bundle of 3 Boxes】12pc/Box Japanese Original Cockroach Insect Bait Killer Catch Room Trap Repellent Insecticide Non-Toxic

【Bundle of 3 Boxes】12pc/Box Japanese Original Cockroach Insect Bait Killer Catch Room Trap Repellent Insecticide Non-Toxic

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  • This product is for insects who are very familiar with the habits of insects, and the door is for insects that love the taste of insects. The delicious breath of the insects that are released, the insects are edible.
  • The excrement of this product that contains insect excretion after eating this product (because of the habitability of eating insects with insects, self-contained excrement or eating the same kind of excrement). All for annihilation purposes.
  • After laying the eggs of the edible insects, the eggs will not be able to reproduce, and the eggs will immediately die.
  • Product Ingredients: ⦿ Sucrose, sweet oil, maltose, mal succinic acid (commonly used food preservative, anti-transformation acid, long-lasting effect), fragrance and others.
  • Product Dimensions [Original Product Box] (LxWxH): 22cm x 15cm x 3cm (Approx.)
  • Package Included: 1x Japan Cockroach Bait (12pc/box) (Note: A minimum purchase of 3 boxes is required.)
  • ATTENTION: If you don't keep it at a safe place, it will be very deadly even to pets or human, it will cause harm to pets & human’s reproduction. Use this with care.
  • NOTE: Due to the lighting and monitor setting, minor color difference maybe exists. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
  • Please cut off one by one.
  • When separating the container, the container may break, so please carefully break it open with the round side facing up.
  • Place 2-4 pieces per 5 square meters in places where cockroaches live, such as in the corners of the kitchen or under the sink.
  • It is more effective if you use all 1 box (12 pieces) at a time.
  • Effective for about 6 months after installation.
  • Please strictly observe the prescribed usage and dosage.
  • This product is contained in a container, so do not remove the contents from the container and use it as is.
  • Please do not touch the skin, food and drink, children's toys, feed, etc.
  • In the unlikely event that the drug touches your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. ⦿ Keep it away from water.
  • When using or storing, separate food, tableware, feed, etc., and be careful not to eat it by mistake.
  • In case of accidental ingestion, spit it out immediately, immediately tell the doctor that this product contains fipronil, and seek medical attention.
  • When using, please put it in a place where children and pets cannot play with it.

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