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FLAT V1.4 HDMI Cable Wire 1.5M / 2M for Blue Ray DVD PS3 3D LED HD TV Box HDTV

FLAT V1.4 HDMI Cable Wire 1.5M for Blue Ray DVD PS3 3D LED LCD HD TV Box HDTV

$4.50 $12.90

HDMI Cable Flat

w/ V1.4 and Lengths of 1.5 M & 2 M










  • The HDMI Cable Provides a Premium Cabling Solution for Most Home Entertainment Needs

  • It uses Durable Gold-plated Connectors, Silver Solder Construction, Copper Conductors and Shielded Mouldings

  • Ensures There is HD Quality for Movies, TV, Games and Home Entertainment Networking

  • With Multiple Lengths to Choose from and Transmissions Rates to 4GBPs, Connect HDTVs to Cable Box, Satellite Dish, Blu-ray Disc Player, and More

  • Experience Quality Audio and Video Up to 1080p from any Home Theatre Set-up

  • High Speed HDMI Cable Comes in a Non-standard 5 Foot Cable Length allowing for a Convenient Connection Distance
    enables you to Position your HDMI-enabled Devices as Needed

  • The cable features two gold-plated HDMI male connectors to provide a dependable HDMI to HDMI connection
    The unique cable length makes it perfect for watching


Package Contents


  • 1 x HDMI Cable



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