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MiraScreen G9 Plus Wireless Wifi Dongle Airplay Mirror Display

MiraScreen G9 Plus Wireless Wifi Dongle Airplay Mirror Display

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Mirascreen G9 Plus is a smart accessory product that realizes the interconnection and interaction of screen and multimedia content between Android, IOS and Windows platforms and TVs and projectors through the built-in clustering interactive protocol.

It is based on Wi-Fi 2.4G wireless transmission technology, compatible with dlna protocol and airplay function, and can wirelessly connect multimedia devices such as mobile phones, PCs, tablets, TVs, projectors, etc. to achieve cross-platform on-screen display or content interaction.

It can push pictures and videos displayed only on the small screen of smartphones and tablets to the big screen TV for sharing.


1. New AM8272 dual-core ARM processor

2. Support H.265 decoding, save bandwidth, smoother on the same screen

3. Apple Android operation free switch program!

4. Three channels coexist: support direct connection, routing and P2P mode

5. Support 4K video resolution to achieve amazing

6. Support online upgrade, users do not need to set up, automatic upgrade support iOS 12



Brand Name: Mirascreen

Model: G9 Plus

Memory: DDR 1 Gbit

CPU: AM8272X

Power: 5V 2A

Weight: 147g

Packing size: 105*105*28mm

Package Included:

1* mirascreen G9 Plus (choose either 2.4G version or 5G+2.4G Version)

1* user manual






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