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UGEARS Singapore

Ugears Mechanical Town Series - Rail Manipulator ★Mechanical 3D Puzzle Kit Model Toys Gift Present Birthday Xmas Christmas Kids Adults

Ugears Mechanical Town Series - Rail Manipulator ★Mechanical 3D Puzzle Kit Model Toys Gift Present Birthday Xmas Christmas Kids Adults

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The Rail Manipulator is a new UGEARS’ model from the Mechanical Town Series. The set contains the Manipulator, two sections of rails, the shed under construction, two shipping crates with doors, crane, truck, and five characters. It is located in the river docks of Mechanical town nearby the Mechanical Wonder Works, or – as the local residents call it – the Robot Factory. 
  • The Manipulator is a model in which the user can control the mechanical claw with three levers. The claw itself sits on a platform that can rotate manually or by a valve. The operator's cab, equipped with a protection lid and adjustable headlight, is found in the front part of the model. 

The counter-clockwise rotation of the cabin switches the Manipulator’s modes: 
1) initial position (driving mode) – the claw’s rotation platform locked, the model moves along the track; 2) 90 degree turn (free mode) – the rotation platform is unlocked; 3) 180 degree turn (loading mode) – the wheel of the models are locked along with the gear in the front axle that connects to the ledge on the rails. 


The rear of the model carries the lever that controls lifting, lowering, and holding of four foot supports providing extra-steadiness while operating the claw.The front and rear part of the model have hitch holes for coupling with other models.

  • 2 sections of rails and 2 types of coupling anchors that connect the rails in two different manners: parallel or in one line.
  • 2 shipping crates with doors that can accommodate some miniature freight or a tiny person 
  • shed under construction - pseudo-metal frame made of giant trusses which arrived straight out of the Industrial age.
  • Crane – Can be disassembled and put back together almost by a wave of the hand. Works instantly after that! Due to the supplementary mechanisms the rotation and angle of the crane can be locked even with a load.
  • Freight carriage – This has drop sides that make loading and unloading simpler. The freight crates along with the disassembled crane can easily fit in it and be quickly moved to a new destination. Like the Manipulator, this model also has hitch holes for coupling with other models
  • 5 characters: manipulator operator, worker holding signal flags (to facilitate the operating of the manipulator with the signal system), worker with a shovel , worker with a wrench, roofer with a hammer sitting on a beam of a shed.



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