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UGEARS Singapore

Ugears U-Fidgets - Tribiks ( 5 Series )

Ugears U-Fidgets - Tribiks ( 5 Series )

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 U-Fidgets-Tribiks: the unique 5 sets of the individual miniature models (4 mini models in each set) for grown-ups and kids which are made entirely from wooden materials and assemble easily without glue or toothpicks. Use them to organize your thoughts and ideas, drive new insights, relieve stress,regain control over your emotions. Let them and become your everyday life companions as keychains or original trinkets.

There are five series for you to choose from:

Original Series: Power, Freedom, Intelligence, Passion
Model Size : 3.3x2.2x5.6cm / 5.6x2.2x5.4cm / 4.9x2.2x5.0cm / 5.2x2.2x5.7cm
Package Size : 10x7.5x1.6cm
Number of Components : 8-10 depending on the model

Ships Series: Sailing yacht, Sailboat, Boat, Submarine
Model Size : 1.8x4.5x7.2cm / 2.2x5.1x6.6cm / 2.0x4.6x6.0cm / 1.8x4.9x7.8cm
Package Size : 10x7.5x1.6cm
Number of Components : 12-17 depending on the model

Vehicles Series: Sports Car, Tractor, Truck, TramCar
Model Size : 2.7x2.3x8.0cm / 2.0x4.0x6.5cm / 2.2x3.4x6.7 cm / 2.2x4.5x6.7cm
Package Size : 10x7.5x1.6cm
Number of Components : 14-18 depending on the model

Aircrafts Series: Helicopter, Hydroplane, Airship, Airplane
Model Size : 3.2x4.4x5.2cm / 5.3x3.5x5.9 cm / 1.8x3.3x7.3 cm / 6.2x3.7x6.4 cm
Package Size : 10x7.5x1.6cm
Number of Components : 13-19 depending on the model

Gearsmas Series: Bell, Snowflake, Moon, Snowman
Models Size: 15*40*48 mm / 15*48*49 mm /15*47*37 mm /15*46*37 mm
Package size: 3,9*3,0*0,6 in (10*7,5*1,6 cm)
Number of components: 8-10 depending on a model
Estimated time for assembly: 1 hour
The process of assembly models, inspires and tune into one of the main holiday in the year - Christmas. Use them to decorate your house,
hanging on a Christmas tree, these toys will remain for you for a long time.

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