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X9 Visual Doorbell Wireless Door Bell Remote Home Intelligent HD Monitoring Night Vision Visual Intercom

X9 Visual Doorbell Wireless Door Bell Remote Home Intelligent HD Monitoring Night Vision Visual Intercom

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Material: ABS raw material, PCM, material battery, speaker, camera, hardware

Battery capacity: 800mA

Use Time: normal use for more than 6 months

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Type of intercom: color visual

Camera resolution: 640*480

Night Market: 850mm infrared fill light, effective distance 1 meter high

Visual angle: 65 degrees

Battery capacity: 800m lithium battery

Standby time: 1 year

Power Input: 5V/1A

Power supply voltage: 0.6

Bell: Ding Dong

Power consumption: 0.04

Scope of Application: family villa warehouse office WIFI network

Doorbell machine size: length * width * Height: 80*53*21

Ding Dong machine size: length * width * Height: 55*42*25,(including UB:12m height)

Equipment Weight: doorbell machine net weight: 65.7G ding dong machine net weight: 23.38 whole machine Gross weight: 134.8g

Color: White

Accessories: doorbell machine indoor Ding Dong machine charging cable auxiliary installation stickers Xiaoluo manual


1, Motion detection

Configured with PIR pyroelectric infrared sensor, when the camera detects someone passing, it will immediately push an alert message to you through the APP

2, Night vision function

Using ICR infrared filter, with powerful night vision function; 166 ° ultra-wide angle lens, see every detail of the door

3, real-time intercom function; 1080P full HD

When guests visit, even if you are not at home, you can view the real-time screen through the APP, and real-time voice intercom

4, dual power supply, long life

Can use lithium battery power supply mode, no wiring, simple installation; at the same time support power adapter charging, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery replacement

5, low battery prompt

You can set the low battery warning in the APP, the threshold setting range 10%-50%, when the power is lower than the threshold you set, it will send you a reminder through the APP

6, local and cloud storage

Support photo and video recording (no SD card required), provide free 7 days cloud storage service, if you want more time please buy.

7, Up to 30 seconds voice message function

Up to 3 voice messages, each message up to 10 seconds; you can pre-store messages in the doorbell. Quick response to visitors when you are not convenient

8, Multi-user function

Cloudedge App supports multi-user group sharing, all family members can view the surveillance video.

Note: Only the administrator has the right to set the menu, other members can only view and play back the video.

9, Can be paired with chime

This chime has 4 ringtones and 3 adjustable volume levels (including silent mode) up to 100dB loud

【Voice change intercom ,Seconds become Uncle】:Easy to deal with strange visitors !Upgrade the voice change function . When you are alone atlome , you can use the voice change intercom function Supportoriginal sound , uncle 2 sound modes are optional

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